How to Find Someone’s Owner and Address for Free?

It can be challenging to find someone’s address when you have just met them. However, with a bit of research and patience, finding someone’s home address for free is possible. So, How to Find Someone’s Owner and Address for free? is there a way- Well, Finding a person’s home address is essential for communicating safely with your pet after meeting in person or through online services like Meetup or Craigslist. 

If your new friend lives far from you, it may be worth finding the bus schedule or driving directions just to meet for a brief moment and say goodbye before your pet leaves again. 

In this article, we’ll explain how to find someone’s home address if you know some things about them and how often they move from place to place.

3 Simple Ways To Find Owners Address

How to Find Someone's Owner and Address

1. How to Find Someone’s Home Address by Knowing Their Owner and Their Address from the Past:

If you know the owner’s full address from the past, you can find a person’s owner using an internet search engine like Google or Bing. Simply type in “find the owner” with the owner’s address. 

By default, many search engines will show you owner information in addition to the address. You can often click the “View Details” button to get more information. You can also try typing in “address history” with the address next to it. 

With these search terms, you’ll probably only receive owner information. Google and Bing can also help you find the previous address of someone you know. For example, if you want to retrieve your old address, type in “find address history” with your name, address, and city next to it. With these search terms, you’ll only receive address history.

2. Finding a Person’s Owner Using Online Services

Most people use Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to connect with new people. If you meet a new friend and their profile is public, viewing the owner’s profile may help you find his or her address. To find someone’s owner, search for the person’s name, followed by their social media account. 

For example, if you meet a new friend named Kim and her Facebook account is public, search for “Kim Facebook” in the search bar. You may also find someone’s owner using a reverse phone number lookup service. 

By using this search tool, you can find a phone number and address associated with the number. Remember that you will have to pay a small fee to use this service.

3. Finding Someone’s Address Using a Reverse Address Lookup Service

How to Find Someone's Owner and Address

A reverse address lookup service can help you find someone’s address by entering their address. You can use a reverse address lookup service to find someone’s address by their name, social security number, or phone number. 

By using this search tool, you can find someone’s home address. However, keep in mind that some services may charge a small fee. If you want to use a reverse address lookup service, you can find one online. Simply type “reverse address lookup” or “reverse lookup” into the search bar to find a website. 

Before you use a reverse address lookup service, make sure that you read the website’s terms of service and privacy policy.

Steps To Find Owners Address For Free

Step 1: Research the Property’s Title History

The first step in finding the property owner is to research the property’s title history. Title companies keep records of all property transfers at a state, county, and sometimes even municipal level. When you find out who owned the land in the past, you’ll be able to track down who owns it now. 

In many states, property ownership records are public, so you can simply visit your local courthouse to peruse the documents. In other states, you may need to request ownership information through the state’s public records office. For example, you can request records through the Federal Paperwork Office or through your state’s public records office. 

If you need to access private records, you may have to pay a fee. You may also need a notary to sign a record request form in order to get an official copy of the document.

Step 2: Ask the County Clerk For the Property Deed

The next step is to ask the county clerk for the property deed. In most states, property deeds include information about the owner of the property. Some states, like Texas, even make deed information public, so you can search for the deed online. If you can’t find the deed online or at the county clerk’s office, you can request a copy of it through the public records office. 

You can also hire a private title company or attorney to help you find the deed and track down ownership information.

Step 3: Conduct a Physical Survey

If the property deed doesn’t help you track down the current owner of the land, you may need to conduct a physical survey. One of the easiest ways to survey the land is to hire a local surveyor to come out to the property with a team of surveyors and conduct a thorough survey of the land. 

Surveyors use advanced instruments, like lasers, to measure the exact size of the property and calculate the precise coordinates for its borders. You can then use these survey results to track down ownership information. You can also survey the land yourself if you are familiar with the process. 

You will need to find the exact border of the piece of land and measure its size. Once you have this information, you can then visit your county’s property appraiser office to learn who owns the land. You can also find out what other nearby properties are owned by the same person. You can use this information to find out who owns your property.

Step 4: Find Out If There Is Any Liability

Finally, you should also find out if there is any liability on the property. If someone else owns the land, they may have some liability on it, like a previous mortgage or an unpaid utility bill. You can find out if the current owner has any liability by requesting the owner history report from your county’s property appraiser office. 

These offices keep track of any liens or other issues that may affect the value of the land. If there is any liability on the property, you’ll need to work with the current owner to get it cleared up. 

Depending on the type of issue, you may be able to get it cleared up simply by paying the bill. If there is a mortgage on the property that you don’t know about, you may have to work with the bank to get it cleared.


Finding someone’s address may seem complicated, but with a little online research and patience, it’s possible to find someone’s home address. 

If you know the owner’s full address from the past, you can use an internet search engine to find the owner’s address. Alternatively, you can use a reverse address lookup service to find someone’s address by their name, social security number, or phone number.

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